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Maître Bénédicte RAJOT is a specialist of issues arising under INTERNATIONAL LAW and LAW OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. Bénédicte Rajot received a certificate for this specialty by the National Council of the French Bars in 2013, acknowledging in consequence her expertise.

She has founded her Law Office in 2005.

Maître Benedicte RAJOT holds a PhD in Law of the European Union and is attached to the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 since 1999, where she conducts legal research and gives lectures (As Maître de conference associé, since 2005). As a guest-lecturer, she also gives lectures at other Universities in France and abroad (e.g. Ireland, Armenia, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Italy) and in Business Schools. She teaches European Law, International Law and Insurance Law. She teaches both in French and English.

She wrote books and articles on European Competition Law, International (maritime) transportation Law as well as on Insurance Law.

She is also a co-author for the Legal publishers LEXISNEXIS, RLDA and LGDJ where she writes about INSURANCE LAW. In particular, it is worth mentioning that since 2006 she has been a contributing author to the LexisNexis Insurance Code (Security Funds and International and national road responsibility).

Thesis of Bénédicte RAJOT published by ECONOMICA

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